Top 10 toxic ingredients in children's food

Top 10 toxic ingredients in children’s food

What do bisphenol-A , high-fructose corn syrup and propylene glycol have in common? They are all toxins that can be found in food marketed to children — and you could be inadvertently purchasing them. One of the best gifts that parents can bestow upon their children is a nutritious diet. Yet many foods on supermarket […]

Top 10 Toxic Ingredients in Children's Breakfast Cereal

Top 10 toxic ingredients in children’s cereal

Selling harmful food to kids is a huge business. Using the most recent data, the Federal Trade Commission reports that food and beverage companies spend some $1.8 billion annually to make kids want to consume their products. Most of that advertising is spent on fast food, carbonated drinks and, of course, breakfast cereal. The breakfast […]

Top 10 Reasons to Ban Trans Fat from Your Diet Immediately-01

Top 10 reasons to ban trans fat from your diet immediately

Trans fats are slowly being phased out in the United States. If being depressed, obese, forgetful, irritable and at risk of coronary heart disease were not enough for you to eliminate these harmful fats from your diet – then you may not have a choice anyway, because the FDA plans on having artificial trans fats […]

Top 10 ingredients to avoid that cause dementia

Top 10 ingredients to avoid that cause dementia

Food affects our bodies and minds. Many people would be surprised to discover just how many food ingredients are linked to cognitive disorders, like dementia. Dementia is considered by many people to be a disease that accompanies age. Contrary to popular belief, however, dementia isn’t a specific malady, but a general term that encompasses a […]

Top 10 toxic ingredients used by mcdonalds

Top 10 toxic ingredients used by McDonald’s

McDonald’s has a very complicated brand image: entirely unhealthy, yet an affordable option that is almost universally available. McDonald’s isn’t a place we go to get our nutritional needs met, and with most research connecting our Western/fast food diet directly to various diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease, one begins to wonder why […]