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    Top 10 healing plants that are safer, more affordable and work better than pharmaceutical drugs

    Top 10 plants that work better than pharmaceutical drugs,

    Plants contain incredible healing power that often gets overlooked in today’s world of modern medicine. Common maladies may be treated with plants that you possibly have in your home, or which can be bought in supplement-form at your local grocer. It is important to not forget the natural healing power that plants can provide us. Read More

    Top 10 clean protein sources for vegetarians

    Top 10 clean protein sources for vegetarians,

    Protein is essential to repair damaged cells and create new ones. Protein is particularly important for children, teenagers and pregnant women, as it aids growth and development. Vegetarians may not get their protein from animal sources, but there are plenty of ways to have a protein-rich diet eating vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and beans. Eating Read More


    Top 10 foods that naturally boost your immune system,

    There are many important lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your immune system’s ability to fight viruses and infectious diseases like measles. You have probably heard most of this advice many times over: Don’t smoke, exercise regularly, only drink alcohol in moderation, get plenty of sleep, maintain a healthy weight and eat a Read More

    Top 10 medicinal plants for sunburn relief

    Top 10 medicinal plants for natural sunburn relief,

    Medicinal plants have been used for millennia to treat wounds, burns and common maladies. Many practitioners of traditional medicine believe in the natural healing power of nature itself, and today people continue to rely on medicinal plants to treat common problems such as sunburn. Sunburns are caused by radiation from the sun and, normally, a Read More

    Top 10 reasons to filter drinking water

    Top 10 reasons to filter drinking water,

    Water is integral to our lives. The Greek philosopher Thales characterized water as the “primary principle” of matter and believed that water “held the potentialities for the nourishment and generation of the entire cosmos,” according to the University of Tennessee’s Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. If Thales were transported from 624 BC to the 21st century, Read More

    Top 10 Probiotic-rich Foods to Improve Your Life-01

    Top 10 probiotic-rich foods to improve your life,

    Probiotics benefit the digestive system by keeping your gut healthy with good and helpful bacteria such as Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus and Bacillus subtilis. These bacteria can be found in fermented foods and are known to improve the activities of digestive enzymes. Eating probiotics in your diet can help treat conditions such as inflammatory bowel syndrome, skin Read More

    Top 10 Foods that Promote Beautiful Skin

    Top 10 foods that naturally promote beautiful skin,

    Beautiful skin is often a roll of the genetic dice. Aside from the skin we were born with, our diet plays one of the largest roles in our overall complexion. The nutrients that we feed our body can dramatically improve our natural glow. In our society, people (who have the means) often turn to retinoids, Read More

    Top 10 foods to relieve arthritis pain

    Top 10 foods to relieve arthritis pain,

    Arthritis is caused by inflammation in one or more joints and is accompanied by pain and stiffness. Often, arthritis pain will worsen with age. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a disease in which the body attacks the joints; it is a chronic inflammatory disorder that usually affects the hands and the feet. Over time, RA can Read More

    Top 10 milks that are healthier than cow milk

    Top 10 milks that are healthier than cow milk,

    Dairy cow milk is one of the most widely produced and consumed milks in the world, yet dairy cows are also subjected to genuinely atrocious living conditions in factory farms. Discussing their poor and painful lives can make even the most committed milk drinker squeamish, so it is worth considering that these days there is Read More

    Top 10 Reasons to Ban Trans Fat from Your Diet Immediately-01

    Top 10 reasons to ban trans fat from your diet immediately,

    Trans fats are slowly being phased out in the United States. If being depressed, obese, forgetful, irritable and at risk of coronary heart disease were not enough for you to eliminate these harmful fats from your diet – then you may not have a choice anyway, because the FDA plans on having artificial trans fats Read More