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    top 10 foods for quick exercise recovery

    Top 10 most powerful foods for quick exercise recovery,

    An overall healthy body does not simply build itself in the gym; it is tailored in the confines of your kitchen. If you’re aiming for that summer physique to die for, it’s about not only how much you lift or how long you run but also what you eat. Simply choosing the right foods goes Read More

    Top 10 fruits doused in toxic chemicals

    Top 10 fruits doused in toxic chemicals,

    Pesticides are toxic to insects (insecticides), plants (herbicides) and fungi (fungicides). They are also toxic to other living organisms, but corporate agribusiness doesn’t take that into account because to do so would interfere with profiteering, which is their reason for existing. For example, pesticide exposure kills an estimated 72 million wild birds each year and Read More

    Top 10 reasons to avoid GMOs

    Top 10 reasons to avoid GMOs,

    “Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA’s job.” — Phil Angell, Monsanto Director of Corporate Communications. Mr. Angell was speaking of GMOs, and it’s true that, from the perspective of Monsanto and other dangerous product makers, safety is somebody else’s job. What he didn’t mention, Read More

    Top 10 Toxic Ingredients in Children's Breakfast Cereal

    Top 10 toxic ingredients in children’s cereal,

    Selling harmful food to kids is a huge business. Using the most recent data, the Federal Trade Commission reports that food and beverage companies spend some $1.8 billion annually to make kids want to consume their products. Most of that advertising is spent on fast food, carbonated drinks and, of course, breakfast cereal. The breakfast Read More

    Top 10 herbal remedies for back pain

    Top 10 natural herbal remedies for back pain,

    Considering that some 80% of adults have back problems at some point in their life, the human spine seems to be an engineering failure. Each year, 13 million people go to the doctor for chronic back pain, with over 4 million Americans either chronically or temporarily disabled. The problem plagues both men and woman alike, Read More

    Top 10 nutrient deficiencies most Americans don't know they have

    Top 10 nutrient deficiencies Americans don’t know they have,

    As nutritionist Kelly Dorfman points out, there’s a myth in the United States that, because we are among the fattest nations on Earth, we must be getting enough nutrients. We think malnutrition is something that affects only people in the Third World, where there are almost 800 million who don’t have enough food, and poor Read More